"Heart of Rome & Classic Colosseum" is our fully private four hour journey through Roman history which begins in the heart of Baroque Rome and concludes in the soul of ancient Rome!

Meet your private expert guide on Piazza Navona and for the next few hours you won't miss anything in Rome's magnificent historic center. Churches, christianized temples, ancient defensive walls and triumphal arches, Egyptian obelisks (there are 13 in Rome), grand squares built over an entire ancient city (13 metres below ground level), wide open spaces flowing with colour, art and fascinated onlookers, water fonts, fountains, cobbled passageways leading to alcoves which have remain unchanged for many hundreds if not thousands of years... all Rome and Rome is Rome. There is nowhere quite like it on earth!

Having spent ample time at all the most beautiful spots in the historic center - Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, and everywhere in between (you will see and learn about many historical buildings and ancient ruins), your private guide will walk you from historic Rome to ancient Rome - Piazza Venezia, Trajans's Column, and the Roman Forum. This was the control room of the Roman Empire at it's peak, where Caesar's ruled and some, at least, were murdured!

Due south of the forum stands the mighty Colosseum, still remarkably intact, towering over every structure nearby, absolutely imposing and overwhelming, it will take your breath away, of that there is no doubt. The Colosseum per se needs no introduction - the Icon of Rome, immortalized in "Gladiator", featured in a thousand documentaries since, written about by some of the world's most brilliant minds. Step inside and your guide will relate exactly what happened within it's colossal walls, the Flavian amphitheatre, where so much blood was shed in antiquity it is said that the River Tiber turned red at every sunset.

Having explored the entire arena, bid your guide farewell and either remain inside the Colosseum until the gates close or perhaps walk over to the Palatine Hill, where the mythological origins of this great city continue to resonate.


Private Rome tour guide
Historic Rome tour
Baroque Rome tour
Private expert Archaeologist guide
Private ancient Rome tour
Roman Forum archaeological area
Fast track Colosseum entrance
Private Classic Colosseum Tour
Free time inside Colosseum until close
Self-guided Palatine Hill walk
Not wheelchair accessible

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