Meet your expert guide beside the Roman Forum in the heart of ancient Rome! This is where history, legend, and mythology meet too!

Enter the Colosseum through the Gladiator Gate and stand where combatants had to be kill or be killed! The arena floor is yours so take in the 360° experience of what it felt like to test one's fate in such a brutal battle for life.

Beyond the arena, visit the various levels and sections of this amphitheatre dating back to 85 AD. Make your ascent to the stalls where common Romans cheered and jeered the unfortunates who had to die for the gratification for the glory of Rome.

After a short break, enter Carcer Tullianum (Mamertine Prison). According to early Christian tradition, SS Peter and Paul were incarcerated here in in the underground dungeons upon orders from Emperor Nero prior to their execution. Multimedia technology will enhance the original altar, early Christian frescoes, and the cistern that lies below this ancient site dating back to 600 BC.


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Roman Forum archaeological area
Gladiator Gate
Fast track Colosseum entrance
Colosseum Arena Floor Tour
Free time inside the Colosseum
Carcer Tullianum - Prison of St. Peter
Colosseum Underground (Hypogeum)
Not wheelchair accessible

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