You won't find a more filling food walk in Rome for the price! Your foodie guide is from Rome and she has chosen her TEN (!) favorite snack spots! 10 Tastings criss-crosses the historic center and you can expect to get the the best food ever on grand piazzas, secluded side-streets, and beside quiet riverside walks. The foods you will eat are as distinctive by region as they are plentiful, as follows: suppli, calzone and pizza, pasta to share (cacio e pepe, carbonara or amatriciana), parmigiana, arrosticini and bruschetta, filetto baccalà, salami with a small glass of wine, ciambellina al vino, tiramisù, coffee and limoncello. Join us and eat as the Romans do!


Born and bred Roman guide!
10 BIG tastings!
We can't think of any to be honest.

Important Information

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