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Meet your guide beneath the magnificent Arch of Constantine in the shadow of the Colosseum. This is where our super convenient Colosseum Express tour departs and it's absolutely ideal for travelers wishing to explore ancient Rome after seeing the Vatican Museums earlier in the day.

Your guide will point out and explain every detail of the Flavian amphitheatre before you enter the arena through Gladiator's Gate, an arched side-entrance used by none other than gladiators in antiquity! Today, aside from being a thrilling way to enter the Colosseum, it is also a world away from the touristic hordes waiting to get in en masse at the main entrance, forever crowded, chaotic, and a must-not-experience when in Rome! Once we're through Gladiator's Gate it's a short walk straight on to the original Colosseum arena floor. This is where gladiators were killed to satiate Roman bloodlust or survived to fight another day. This brutal place in history is now the perfect spot to glance all around at the sheer scale and beauty of the Colosseum. It must have been terrifying in AD 80, but this is something we can reflect upon rather than worry about!

Your guide will deliver a brief history of the arena floor and Colosseum interior before leaving you inside to wander around at your leisure. There is no waiting and no worry on this 90 minutes fast track tour of restricted access areas inside the Colosseum. It includes priority Colosseum ticket entrance and tour inside plus easy access to the Roman Forum all in the company of your expert archaeologist guide. Stay in the Roman Forum for as long as you like after your Colosseum tour until the gates close.


Expert Rome tour guide
Ancient Rome tour
Roman Forum archaeological area
Gladiator Gate
Fast track Colosseum entrance
Colosseum Arena Floor Tour
Unlimited free time inside Colosseum
Colosseum Underground (Hypogeum)
Not wheelchair accessible

Important Information

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In the event the "Gladiator Gate" (Stern entrance) is closed or unavailable for any reason, we will escort you inside the Colosseum through the Main Gate with fast track priority and refund you the sum of €5 within 7 days of travel date.