Get more than just a faster than skip the line Vatican Museums ticket with this brand new Vatican access package which includes our very own Vatican quest! It's a self-guided tour experience which you can either download or print - just be sure to use it when you're inside the museums as it imparts a wealth of hidden jewels and gems about Vatican art and architecture! Knowing where to go and what to look for inside the Vatican Museums is exciting and inspiring. Our Vatican quest will show you all you need to know, it goes the extra mile which Vatican group tours cannot do as they simply don't have the time!

We will accompany you into the Vatican Museums before everyone else waiting in the long public line and from then onwards, our unique Vatican quest experience will be your guide! It's an eagle-eyed appreciation of the most fascinating aspects of Vatican art and history which will enable you to understand all the well-known and lesser-known sculptures just like the experts. Decipher hidden messages in paintings and search for fascinating signs sent down to us by the greatest artists in history! Written by perhaps the best-known Vatican guide in the last 20 years, the Vatican quest is a must-do activity inside the Vatican Museums.

Your full-day ticket is valid until approximately 6pm when the Vatican Museums close.

What else do we offer? One of our lovely guides will walk you the short distance to the museums and you'll get in before everyone else stuck in the long lines!

Nota bene: You will not wait in the very long main public line before entering the Vatican Museums in Rome. You will have no time limits and no fixed itinerary therein, thus you will not miss anything or be tied to particular rooms or galleries.


Vatican escort into the Vatican Museums
Fast track Vatican entrance
Vatican quest self-guided experience
Vatican Museums
Sistine Chapel
Freedom to roam until closing time!
No photos inside the Sistine Chapel
Does NOT include St. Peter's Tomb / Scavi / Necropolis - please book separately through the Vatican
Not wheelchair accessible

Important Information

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On days immediately surrounding religious holidays at the Vatican, alterations to tours may become necessary due to partial closings of areas normally included in this tour.