Milan's Duomo (Cathedral) is the treasured 600 year old symbol of the city. A magnificent and some might say overly exuberant example of Northern Gothic architecture in Italy. 78 architects and engineers since 1387 have together created this, the second largest church in Italy, the third largest church in Europe, the fourth largest church in the world. The cathedral and its multitudinous towers, spires and gargoyles dominate Piazza del Duomo, Milan's hugely impressive main square. The absolute highlight is a heavenly hike up to the rooftops, alcove by alcove, step by step (about 250 of them) through tiny passageways until the sky comes close. On a clear day you will see the Italian Alps! It is said that there are nearly 3,500 statues, 666 gargoyles and 777 Godly figures decorating the Duomo!

As our most popular tour in Milan, it is of course an extended experience in two parts, the first being that of the entire Cathedral per se, and the second a climb up to Milan's must-see summit. Skip-the-line entry to the world's greatest Gothic cathedral is guaranteed - walk around with your expert guide and learn about the Duomo's rich history and ancient origins, including the underground archaeological area (Baptistery of San Giovanni alle Fonti and Baptistery of Santo Stefano), the Crypt of St. Charles, and the Bell Tower Church of San Gottardo in Corte where a murder, gout, and gallstones all have their part to play!


Skip the line Duomo entrance guarantee!
Self-guided tour of Milan Cathedral (Duomo)
Wander around the vast nave and transept
Understand Milan's past in stained glass
Connect with Gothic spires and statues
Be amazed by marble stalagmites!
From the rooftops view of Italian Alps
Elevator - but it's an exciting walk with the Gargoyles!
Not wheelchair accessible

Important Information

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