Fully guided tour of Milan's magnificent Duomo which connects the archaeological ruins of the Baptistery of San Giovanni alle Fonti, the first octagonal baptistery in Christianity, with the Gothic history of Milan and northern Italy through nearly 60 stained glass windows, to the remarkable rooftops - the most beautiful array of spires and towers in Europe.

Mark Twain visited Milan in 1867, and in Chapter XVIII of his "The Innocents Abroad", wrote "At last, a forest of graceful needles, shimmering in the amber sunlight, rose slowly above the pygmy housetops, as one sometimes sees, in the far horizon, a gilded and pinnacled mass of cloud lift itself above the waste of waves, at sea, - the Cathedral! We knew it in a moment. Half of that night, and all of the next day, this architectural autocrat was our sole object of interest. What a wonder it is! So grand, so solemn, so vast! And yet so delicate, so airy, so graceful! A very world of solid weight, and yet it seems in the soft moonlight only a fairy delusion of frost-work that might vanish with a breath! How sharply it's pinnacled angles and it's wilderness of spires were cut against the sky, and how richly their shadows fell upon it's snowy roof! It was a vision! - a miracle! - an anthem sung in stone, a poem wrought in marble! Howsoever you look at the great cathedral, it is noble, it is beautiful! Wherever you stand in Milan or within seven miles of Milan, it is visible and when it is visible, no other object can chain your whole attention. Leave your eyes unfettered by your will but a single instant and they will surely turn to seek it. It is the first thing you look for when you rise in the morning, and the last your lingering gaze rests upon at night. Surely it must be the princeliest creation that ever brain of man conceived."

We won't try to better Mark Twain's appraisal, but we do hope that you follow in his footsteps and experience this remarkable creation, 600 years in the making, as he experienced some 150 years ago.


Skip the line Duomo entrance guarantee!
Guided tour of Milan Cathedral (Duomo)
Wander around the vast nave and transept
Understand Milan's past in stained glass
Connect with Gothic spires and statues
Be amazed by marble stalagmites!
From the rooftops view of Italian Alps
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Not wheelchair accessible

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